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Has your judgment been awarded by the Court, but you still haven't been paid? 

Almost 80% of all judgments are never collected. 


J.P. STRUNTZ & ASSOCIATES can collect when you can't! 

You pay absolutely nothing until we collect, and only if we collect!

Collecting a Judgment is harder than you think


  • We specialize in the collection of unsatisfied judicial judgments.                                           
  • We employ licensed investigators to track down debtors and their assets.
  • We garnish wages, attach property and bank accounts                                                         
  • We do whatever is necessary to collect your money!
  • We advance expenses, including but not limited to skiptracing, credit reports, and bank locates

J.P. Struntz & Associates recovers payment on unsatisfied judicial judgments on behalf of judgment creditors.  All cases are taken on a contingency basis.  We charge no up-front fees.  We advance expenses including court filing fees, costs for locating the debtor, credit reports, bank locates and other asset tracking expenses.  Some of these reports cost $200 to $300 each.  You pay absolutely nothing until we collect, and only if we collect!

We have advanced asset-tracing capabilities and, if necessary, employ licensed investigators to locate a debtor or assets.  We will conduct a discreet, thorough investigation to uncover assets or sources of income, and legally seize them without alerting the debtor beforehand, so that the assets are available when we make our move.  

If you have a valid court-awarded judgment of $1,000 or more, we would like to assist you in pursuing your unpaid judgment plus any interest you are due. We will track your debtor down even if he or she has moved to another state -- we enforce judgments nationwide. We will garnish wages, attach bank accounts, and seize assets as necessary to collect the money to which you are legally and justly entitled. 

J.P. Struntz & Associates neither charges a retainer fee nor requires coverage of any costs.  Our fee is a percentage of the money we recover on your behalf.  This ranges from 40% to 50% depending on the age and amount of the judgment and level of difficulty in locating the debtor(s) and assets.  You pay only when we collect.  Collection is not guaranteed.

To start the process of getting what you're legally entitled to, please complete our short application form We will review your case and arrange a telephone consultation with you as quickly as possible.  Time to let the other guy know what its like to lose his money when he doesn't expect it. Isn't it time justice was served? 


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